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NESL Hydraulic Power Packs

The NES402 series diesel driven hydraulic power packs are designed for simple trouble free operation of a wide variety of NESL standard equipment.


Iveco four or six cylinder engines are supplied as per the power requirements of the equipment to be driven.


Both units can come open framed or as fully silenced “Whisper” power units. 402 Power packs are certified for use in hazardous environments. Categorised as an ATEX Group 2 Cat III item of equipment.

NESL Hydraulic Power Pack 1
NESL Hydraulic Power Pack 3.jpg.png
NESL Hydraulic Power Pack 2.jpg

NESL Steam Boilers

On occasions your client may be unable to provide you with the means of heating. NESL can therefore provide a standalone boiler custom built into an ISO twenty-foot container. Units are built complete with on-board fuel tanks, chemical dosing system and blow-down facility.

The container can be painted in the clients chosen colour and we can apply your own logo and any other details you may require.

NESL Nitrogen Generators

When cleaning tanks, the preferred method is to work in an inert atmosphere especially where the product being worked has either a high H2S  or LEL value.


The inert properties of Nitrogen makes it widely used in the oil and gas industry. Nitrogen is odourless, non-polluting and non-reactive in nature – and that makes it highly suitable for storage tank blanketing.


This is achieved by firstly purging the tank with an inert gas such as nitrogen to reduce the 02 and LEL levels. The agreed levels must be maintained for the duration of the work.

Producing your own Nitrogen is easier and cheaper; facts which can give you a competitive advantage. Other inert gases than Nitrogen are costlier alternatives. An on-site generator from NESL gives you 24-hour access to nitrogen – with a low-cost, environmentally friendly solution.

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