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Sludge Treatment System - ST150

The ST150 Sludge Treatment System has been developed in collaboration with a leading UK contractor.


The system is so new that its the only one of its kind and is still in the fabrication phase following months of research & design.


The components of the ST150 include:


Mix & Blend Tank - A modified forty foot shipping container to allow for two mixing tanks with twenty thousand litre capacity. fitted with twin agitators, pumps, level detection and a full suite of electrical controls.


The ST150 Container complete with in-built Conditioning Tank - A heavily modified forty foot shipping container containing a ten thousand litre heated production tank with mixers, twin progressive cavity pumps, full chemical dosing system, flow meter, level detection, full alarm suite and complete control panel setup.


Settling Tank - A modified twenty-foot shipping containing designed to allow liquid phase to settle out before onward movement. Heating coils built in.


Two-Phase Centrifuge - UK sourced and supplied, this centrifuge has been specifically engineered for use on oil products. Controlling the centrifuge is the world renowned "viscotherm" system which is coupled to a full PLC control system.


All components within the ST150 are ATEX compliant and are suitable for use in an ATEX Group II Cat 2 environment.

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