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Custom Builds & R&D

If you have a specific problem that you need help overcoming, speak to NESL.


Over the years a number of contractors have approached us to assist in developing one-off items for a specific issue.


We have built many weird and wonderful machines some of which never progressed past the R&D phase, but some of those that did include:

The TLM (Three Legged Monster)

The basis behind this machine is the ability to pipe clean pipes with diameters from 26” to 36”. Designed with a particular pipeline in mind this three tracked vehicle is capable of advancing up to 500ft of pipe before having to return or removed from the other end. Attachments are available for cleaning, coating and inspection of pipes.


This machine was specifically designed for the Department of Energy Facility in Hanford.

After successful cleaning of several storage tanks using the larger ITV, it became apparent that several of the tanks had access manways with a limited size of 12 inches.

The outcome was the Foldtrack.

Foldtrack is a full size ROV capable of being inserted into a tank through a 12” riser or manway. The Foldtrack is hydraulically actuated into its working mode once inside the tank and can begin cleaning operations via the remote control console.


ITV – In Tank Vehicle

The ITV was first produced in the form shown in the pictures for the United States Department of Energy for waste removal duties for several underground storage tanks.

Such was the success that further generations of smaller more agile machines have been produced, not only for the DOE but now for markets where strict health and safety legislation demand that men are no longer placed inside storage tanks.

Constructed of stainless steel, the ITV is variable geometry unit which will hydraulically actuate from an insertion mode to a working mode once inside the tank.

The ITV comes complete with 2No Jetting nozzles and an on-board PD pump constructed with all wetted outer parts in stainless steel.

Nuclear Waste Handling ROV

At the request of BNFL, NESL designed, manufactured & supplied an ROV and compete ancillary package for cleaning of a radioactive skip containment pond.

Nuclear Waste Handler

The ROV is one of the largest we have produced is stainless steel and comes complete with on-board hydraulics, twin camera system, on-board pump, blade and eductor. The unit is a fixed geometry unit which will spend its life underwater.

During cleaning operations, the pond will still be full to an approximate depth of 5.5 metres so the unit was supplied complete with an HFC fluid power unit, umbilical, floating discharge line ( to clear the skips in the pond ), control system and also a 5 metre long mast complete with direction arrow.

AMS - Articulation Mast System

This machine was specifically designed for the Department of Energy Facility in Hanford.


Following its success, NESL further developed a series of articulating mast systems to give the vacuum systems the capability of removing slurries and dry materials from underground tanks remotely.


The newest generation of vacuum head fitted to the 700601/PSS Series articulating masts. The mast has a 360 degrees rotational capability and a 45 Degree reach out angle and is hydraulically powered and remotely operated from a joystick control panel.


The Petrack system has been designed specifically to clean underground storage tanks at fuel depots and filling stations. The system can come either mounted inside a GRP canopy for installation onto a client supplied vehicle, trailer mounted in a supplied trailer or van mounted into a customer supplied van / truck.


The units all come with a dedicated control area which houses the control desk/unit, screens for camera viewing, HDD DVD recorder, and the gas detector station. If required a combined heating/air conditioning unit can also be installed.

The petrack is capable of being passed through an 18” manway opening and can be lowered by hand, tripod lifting frame and tackle recommended, into the tank. The umbilical contains all the hydraulic lines and water jetting lines for the unit and a separate suction line is used for product removal. A vacuum system is not provided as part of the petrack system.

The overview camera is lowered into the manway once the Petrack Is in place and is supported on the manway with the supplied stainless steel brackets. From the manway a single umbilical is used to join the camera and petrack to the control vehicle.

The petrack vehicle comes with a forward facing jetting nozzle which is raised and lowered with the blade. Also attached to the blade is a spray bar system which has 4 nozzles directed straight down in front of the vehicle. The suction has a shaped rubber wear strip for effective cleaning and suction on a circular shaped tank.

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