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Meet The Team

Doug Shipton

Doug formed Non Entry Systems in 1980. Now, with over 35 years industry experience, he has guided NESL to become a lead player in the field of automated tank cleaning.


Darren Shipton

Darren joined NESL some 20 years ago as a hydraulic fitter. Since then he has moved through the company and is now Managing Director. Darren is responsible for major project development, mechanical engineering, sales and commercial operations.

Graeme Shipton

Graeme joined NESL as a young apprentice back in 1998. This long-standing background within NESL has enabled him to become our chief designer and CAD operator.  In the 20 years of employment, Graeme has moved into a position of Managing Director within the company.

Clive Bryant

Clive is our accounts and finance manager. Having been with us for many years, he has now also assumed other roles including purchasing, shipping, and internal personnel management.

Hugh Lewis

Hugh is responsible for all quality management systems within NESL. An additional role that Hugh has taken on is producing the operation and maintenance manuals.

Mark Rimmer

Mark has been with the company since it's humble beginnings and also worked with Doug prior to NESL's conception. As an experienced welder fabricator, Mark is responsible for personnel management on the shop floor and all manufacturing operations. Mark is also an experienced Tank Cleaner with many years in the field.

Chris Evans

Chris has been with us for many, many years and has, due to his experience and work ethic, become our electrical manager. Chris has many years of EX equipment experience and is part of our commissioning team.

Brian Guest

As our electrical design engineer, Brian works closely with Chris and the electrical team to ensure all systems are safe and designed and built to code. Brian is also heavily involved with major project development and is part of our commissioning team.

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