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Company History

NESL's history and the development of its products can be traced back to the 1980's. With that in mind, this is where we've been and where we're heading.

1985 - In a small factory in Maesteg, South Wales. the first Dozer 

            intended for use inside a crude oil tank was designed and 




1987 - First Dozer is commissioned in the USA.

1992 - First Remotely Operated Dozer (ROV) is commissioned in the USA.

1995 - NESL is born.

1998 - First NESL "Generation 1" ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) designed and built is sent to the Middle East.

1999 - First NESL "Generation 1" Manway Cannon designed, built and commissioned in USA.

2002 - First Tanksweep is designed and commissioned in France.

2002 - Department of Energy (DoE), Washington, USA approach NESL for a turnkey package to remove radioactive waste from 177 tanks at Hanford nuclear production complex. NESL present DoE with the Foldtrack, In Tank Vehicle and the Articulated Mast System as possible solutions. CH2M Hill Hanford Group place orders for six sets of each item.

2003 - NESL undertake removal of radioactive sludge and cleaning of six tanks at Hanford on behalf of CH2M Hill Hanford Group. 

2007 - First "Generation 2" ROV Dozer designed and commissioned in Canada.

2012 - 50th "Generation 2" Manway Cannon is commissioned in USA.

2013 - First "Generation 1" Mud Cannon designed and tested.

2015 - 25th "Generation 2" Mover System (Dozer) is commissioned in China.

2016 - 50th Tanksweep is commissioned in Azerbaijan.

2017 - First ST150 Sludge Treatment Plant ordered.

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